2013–14 Cal Women's Basketball team poster
"Bears at the Beach" Web ad for EA Sports Maui Invitational (posted on CalBears.com)
Extended Berkeley Golden Bear typeface. (? ! # – - . were not originally added by Nike) So I created the characters.
Utilizing the custom exclamation point.
2014 Pac – 12 Men's Basketball Tournament bracket for CalBears.com
Shown on CalBears.com
Cal Basketball web graphic posted on CalBears.com
Shown on CalBears.com
NCAA 2014 Women's Basketball Tournament: Round one bracket
Shown on CalBears.com
Shown on Cal's Facebook page.
Senior cards for 2014 Women's Basketball
Poster give-away for the Battle of the Bay women's basketball games
Quote artboard #1 with real life bear.
Quote artboard #2 with  Nike Golden Bear logo.
Poster board for the Cal Women's Tennis team. Hung in the locker room. 
Cal's Gridiron Golf Classic invitation card (unfolded outside)
Cal's Gridiron Golf Classic invitation card (unfolded inside)
"The Big Spike" Cal Vs. Stanford volleyball ad printed on the Contra Costa Times.
Award handed out for highest GPA's (2014 Spirit Awards)
Thank you post card #1.
Thank you post card #2.
Thank you post card (Back)

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